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Boost Your Home Value, Savings, & Peace of Mind with Residential Solar Solutions

High energy bills and an unreliable grid shouldn’t keep you from enjoying life your way. Arvo Solar™ provides solar panel systems, home batteries, panel inspection, and more to give you the freedom to live life unplugged.

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Solar Energy Services That Fuel Your Lifestyle


Residential Solar Power Systems

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Home Batteries

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Solar Patios

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Solar Power Inspection & Cleaning

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Residential Solar Power Solutions

Energy rates are on the rise in the U.S., but your utility bills and stress don’t have to be. Roof-mounted solar panels give you the power to save money, receive tax incentives, and improve your home’s value.

Arvo Solar™ provides name-brand Tier 1 solar solutions (the best option on the market) with a quick and painless installation process. We’ll help you get the most out of your investment, so you can spend less and live more.

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Home Battery Systems

It’s your energy. You should be able to use it to power your home and lifestyle—when you need it most. With home battery systems from Arvo Solar™, you can power essential appliances or your entire home during a blackout, so your life isn’t put on hold.

Arvo Solar™ offers a variety of top-tier, lithium-ion-phosphate battery systems to meet your needs and budget. Solar battery systems store the excess energy your solar panels generate. Or, we can install a home battery system without solar panels to power your home with gasoline. Both options are backed by long-term warranties and allow you to:

  • Store energy when time-of-use rates are low, then tap into it when prices are high
  • Stop relying on an overworked grid that could fail at any moment
  • Keep the lights on, even during bad weather or mandatory blackouts
  • Save money on wasted food, hotel rooms, and high energy bills

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Home Solar Patio Covers

Your roof isn’t the only option for solar panels. With solar patio covers, you can transform your patio, awning, or gazebo into an energy powerhouse—improving the the curb appeal of your home.

Solar patio covers can generate power for your home while providing shade for your family and guests. Whether you need more solar energy than the panels on your roof can provide, or you’re looking for an alternative to roof panels, solar patio covers make it easy for you to save money and still enjoy your backyard.

If your current patio cover is not suitable for solar, or you don’t currently have a patio cover, Arvo can build one from the ground up. Our patio builds maximize the amount of solar power your system can produce by choosing the optimal patio cover direction and roof angle, so your panels capture as much sun as possible.

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Solar Power Inspection & Cleaning

Solar panels are virtually maintenance-free and last 25+ years. But over time, your system may begin to generate less power due to aging components. Occasional inspections can provide peace of mind, particularly when you notice a drop in power generation. 

Arvo Solar™ offers solar panel inspection, maintenance, and repair services to keep your system running smoothly. We perform a full diagnostic that includes:

  • Visual inspection of panel and inverter
  • Panel and inverter cleaning
  • Code compliance check
  • Interconnection breaker inspection
  • Shade and other panel obstruction inspection
  • Panel damage check

We can determine why your panels are not at peak performance and provide expert repair. We’re there for you, even if your panels simply need a good cleaning. That way, you can prolong the life of your system and get the most out of your investment.

Shade and other panel obstruction inspection
Panel damage check

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Ready to Turn Your Energy into Savings?

Schedule a call with a solar expert from Arvo Solar™. We’ll create a solar solution that aligns with your individual energy needs to help you save more, do more, and live more.

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