Break free from high energy prices. Get the energy independence you and your family deserve. Save big with solar!

Arvo Solar is ready to design and install a solar system that meets your company's energy needs.

Whether you own a small retail store, or a large manufacturing warehouse, the one cost you and tenants must always budget for is the cost of energy. As energy prices go up, operational overhead does too. 

Higher energy prices leave less room for profit—you can take back the power and save money with solar.


With solar, you can reduce operating costs and lock in low energy rates for years to come

Energy sourced from the grid is expensive, and it fluctuates in price depending on the time of day and the day of the week, leaving you unsure as to how much you will be required to pay on a monthly basis. 

A properly sized solar power system can reduce your monthly costs. And because solar sourced from your panels is free of charge, you can lock in low, more consistent rates at times when you must pull energy from the grid. Better predict expenses and cash flow with solar.


Say goodbye to overly expensive demand charges

Demand charges are additional rates which utilities charge commercial customers to keep a constant supply of electricity. The demand charge is an added expense on top of an already costly energy bill. The demand charge price depends on a few variables and is therefore an unpredictable cost month to month.

Going solar may not eliminate demand charges, but can considerably reduce them. When solar panels send excess electricity to the energy grid, the overall peak demand on the grid is reduced, and market prices for electricity are lower. Reducing the cost of your monthly demand charges is a great way to save big with solar.

Enjoy the power of solar with on your home from Arvo

Our commercial solar system services include

Roof Mounted Installations

You can get the most out of your business with a roof-mounted solar system. We will design and install a solar system capable of generating the power you need, no matter the size or shape of your roof. At Arvo Solar, we are committed to quality—we install only quality panels, parts, and components from reputable manufacturers. Our goal always remains the same: save you money without cutting corners.

Solar Parking Structures

Solar parking structures, or solar canopies, are an increasingly viable way to power your business and save money. Perfect for airports, schools, malls, hospitals and office campuses, Arvo Solar can build a solar parking structure on your property to maximize savings and help you increase profit!

Commercial Battery Storage Systems

Manage energy use and increase costa savings with a commercial battery storage system. Tap into excess energy when you need it to continue powering your business with solar.


Low maintenance. No stress

With no moving parts, solar systems provide energy that you can rely on day after day. Modern solar panels have ultra slow degradation rates and come with long-term warranties—solar truly is clean energy your business can count on.

Get a commercial solar system to start saving big!

The expert team at Arvo Solar are ready to install a solar system for your business. Ready to lower your energy costs? Contact us today for a solar system quote!