Lower Your Stress, Bills, & Overhead Costs with Commercial Solar Solutions

Running your business is stressful enough without having to worry about excessively high energy bills. With commercial solar solutions from Arvo Solar™, you can grow your profit margins, take back the power, and focus on leading your business to success.

Solar Energy Services That Fuel Your Lifestyle


Commercial Solar

Higher energy prices leave less room for profit

Whether you own a small retail store, a company office, or a large manufacturing warehouse, the cost of energy can take a toll on your bottom line.

A properly sized solar power system can reduce your monthly costs. Solar sourced from your panels is free of charge, you can lock in low, leading to more consistent rates at times when you must pull energy from the grid. Additionally, when solar panels send excess electricity to the energy grid, the overall peak demand on the grid is reduced, and market prices for electricity are lower.

Tired of giving a large chunk of your profits to the government each month? Reach out to the team at Arvo Solar™ for a quote now.


Commercial Solar Batteries

Relying on the grid for energy can be a major source of frustration, from blackouts at the worst times to rising utility bills.

Arvo Solar™ gives you the power to gain energy dependence and keep your business running.

  • Reduce demand charges that can make up 70% of your monthly energy bill
  • Access reliable backup power during bad weather or unexpected power outages
  • Avoid peak demand charges by time-shifting your energy usage
  • Have clean, cost-effective energy, when and where you need it
  • Save the thousands you would spend on expensive gas-powered generators

With a battery storage system from Arvo Solar™, you can reduce monthly energy charges considerably and keep your business running at top speed.


Solar Parking Structures

Your parking lots take up a significant portion of your property, but other than parking spaces, you don’t see much from that investment.

Solar parking structures allow you to transform your parking into a source of power, savings, and peace of mind.

Solar parking structures consist of panels, an inverter, and mounting system. Solar canopies allow for more flexibility than roof-mounted solar panels.

  • Not only do they generate power, but they also provide shade for cars parked underneath, leading to happier customers and employees. 
  • You can also charge electric vehicles with solar provided entirely from your solar canopy.
  • Solar canopies can be built on any parking lot for any type of business, including malls, warehouses, hospitals, schools, parks, and more.

We’ll work with you to determine the best solar system choice, both in terms of power generation potential and look. One key advantage is that we install panels in the ideal direction to maximize power generation throughout the day—allowing you to get even more from your investment.

Power Your Business. Reduce Costs. Grow Your Peace of Mind.

Schedule a call with a solar expert from Arvo Solar™. We’ll get to know your individual energy needs, then work together to create the best solution to help you save thousands, better serve your customers, and take your business to the next level.