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Installing solar can make your patio, awning, or gazebo more functional and comfortable.

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Transform your outdoor space with the power of solar.

Looking to modernize your outdoor space? Look no further than solar! A solar patio cover is the perfect way to update the look and feel of your yard. Arvo Solar can fit panels on most any size patio or gazebo. A solar patio cover generates power for your home and provides ample shade for you, your family, and guests. It’s the best way to augment your rooftop solar power system, enabling you to generate more energy while cooling off your outdoor fun!

Want more power? Get a solar patio to supplement your rooftop panels.

Your ability to cancel out your energy bills depends not only on your energy usage, but on the number of panels on your roof. Some homeowners find that they just need a few extra panels to generate enough energy to completely offset monthly costs. In such cases, a solar patio cover makes a whole lot of financial sense. A solar patio can be the difference between a lower power bill, and no power bill at all.

We can design and build a solar patio from the ground up.

If your current patio cover is not suitable for solar, or you don’t currently have one, Arvo can build one from the ground up. Our patio builds are designed to maximize the amount of solar power your system can produce—we will determine the optimal patio cover direction and roof angle so your panels capture as much sun as possible.

Solar patios are a great addition to rooftop solar.

For some homeowners, their rooftop solar systems don’t quite meet their desired level of energy savings. But a solar patio can help meet that goal! Arvo Solar can help you lower your energy costs by installing solar on your patio cover or by building a new patio cover from the ground up.

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