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Increase solar production and reduce your energy costs while providing vehicles with ample shade!

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Maximize energy production with a solar canopy.

Parking lots can occupy entire city blocks or more, but all that space offers little function outside of a place to park. Solar parking structures are becoming more common as property owners realize significant savings can be made by transforming empty parking lots into a reliable source of energy. Solar canopies are the perfect option for malls, warehouses, hospitals, schools, parks, and more. Not only will solar structures generate power, they also provide shade for cars parked underneath—trust us, visitors will thank you!

Arvo Solar offers a range of design and installation options.

No two parking lots are the same. They differ in size, shape, and proximity to buildings. We can work with you to determine the best solar system choice, both in terms of power generation potential and look. One key advantage of a solar canopy is that we can install panels in the ideal direction to maximize power generation throughout the day.

How does a solar parking structure work?

Like roof-mounted solar, a solar parking structure consists of panels, an inverter, and mounting system. But solar canopies allow for much more flexibility, as some buildings are not suitable for solar panels. Solar structures can be installed in most parking lots. If your property already has roof-mounted solar, or a solar is new to you, a solar parking structure can provide the energy you need to drastically reduce monthly energy costs.

Enjoy the power of solar with a solar canopy from Arvo.

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At Arvo Solar, our solar parking structures are:


Structures can be used to supplement roof-mounted panels, or be the only source of solar power. Solar canopies can be built on any parking lot for any type of business.


Optimized For Performance:

Where possible, our custom-built canopies are designed and installed in the direction that captures the most sunlight. This allows you to generate more power for longer times during the day.


Cost Effective:

A solar parking structure is a great way to lower energy costs and reduce demand charges.


Combine a solar parking structure with EV charging stations to save even more.

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and for good reason. You can charge EVs with solar produced entirely from a solar canopy. This is the ideal solution for property owners who know or expect that their customers and other visitors need access to EV charging stations.


Professionally installed for the ultimate peace of mind.

Arvo Solar is committed to quality. We use only top-tier panels, inverters, and racking equipment. You can trust the experience of our expert team of installers. And if your solar canopy requires maintenance, we are always just a call away.

Get a commercial solar system to start saving big!

The expert team at Arvo Solar are ready to install a solar system for your business. Ready to lower your energy costs? Contact us today for a solar system quote!

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