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Break free from high energy prices. Get the energy independence you and your family deserve. Save big with solar!

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We are home solar installation experts.

Arvo Solar has installed thousands of solar systems for homeowners just like you. Our goal is simple: provide the best, name-brand solar equipment at the lowest prices. Why? Because we put you first. We listen to your needs, design a custom system that fits your lifestyle, and install your new solar system as efficiently as possible. And we stick around for service and maintenance. You can always rely on our quick service and expertise, even long after we have installed your panels.


Energy rates are on the rise across the U.S. Say yes to solar and save big on your monthly energy bill.

Energy costs are rising across the U.S. At the same time, energy sourced from the grid is becoming more unreliable as utilities either shut down service due to fire risk or struggle to keep up with high demand during extreme weather.

Solar is the solution.

The cost of power generated by solar has significantly decreased year over year. It is now cheaper than ever to purchase a solar system for your home. Arvo Solar can install a Tier 1, Class A solar system that meets the energy needs of your home, so you can watch your monthly bill fall to $0!.

Our residential solar system services include:

Roof Mounted Installations

We regularly install roof-mounted solar. We use only the highest quality solar panels, racking systems, and inverters from reputable brand-name manufacturers. These solar systems and components come with long-term warranties for added peace of mind.

Roof Mounted Installations

Home Battery Storage Systems

Solar battery systems store any excess power that your panels generate. You can use the stored energy to power your home when required, further saving you money because that energy is free!

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Home Battery Storage Systems

Solar Patios

At Arvo Solar, we want to help you take advantage of all available roof space. We now have years of experience installing solar panels on outdoor patios—the perfect way to generate even more power.

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Solar Patios

Solar System Inspections

Solar panels not producing as expected? Don’t worry. Just contact Arvo Solar! Our solar experts can diagnose solar system issues, recommend solutions, and get your panels up and running as they should.

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Solar System Inspections

Save even more with federal tax incentives.

Solar system savings go beyond your monthly bill. If you purchase a solar system in 2021 or 2022, you will earn a federal tax incentive worth 26% of the cost of your system. But you must act fast. The ITC decreases to just 22% in 2023 and ends completely in 2024.

Enjoy your solar, your way with a system from Arvo.

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Take advantage of the federal tax credit
  • Have peace of mind, knowing where your energy comes from
  • Stay in touch with easy to reach sales and support staff
  • Get outstanding installation and maintenance services
  • Enjoy superior customer support

Get a home solar system today!

The expert team at Arvo Solar are ready to install a solar system for your home and family. Are you ready to save money and live free from the big utilities? Contact us today for a solar system quote!

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