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Break free from high energy prices. Get the energy independence you and your family deserve. Save big with solar!

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Use, save, and manage energy on your own terms.

A solar battery system stores the excess energy that your panels generate. You can tap into the power stored in your solar battery and use it when you want. You can decide to power essential appliances or most of your home, depending on the solar battery selected. The energy generated by your panels and stored in your battery is completely free to use. Home battery systems can also be installed without a solar power system. Tied to the energy grid, it allows you to store power when time-of-use rates are low, and then tap into the battery when prices are high. With our without solar, a battery storage system enables you to save money on your energy bills, and live the way you want to, without constraints.

Get more out of your rooftop solar panels.

We source our solar batteries from only the most reputable manufacturers. Our top-tier lithium-ion-phosphate batteries use only the most advanced components and are backed by long-term warranties. Our team can help you choose the battery that is right for your home, and professionally install so you can start saving big on your energy bills.

Say goodbye to expensive peak pricing.

Many municipal utilities have switched to time-of-use pricing, an energy rate structure in which customers pay more for energy during peak demand times. Peak demand times tend to be during the morning and in the evening, when most people are at home.

Battery storage systems allow you to avoid peak charges. 

During the day, when your panels generate the most electricity, you can power your home for free. You can also store any excess energy generated by your panels in your solar battery. Then, during peak demand times, you can power your home with the free energy stored in your battery. You can even store energy from the grid when prices are low, and then use that stored energy when prices are high. This strategy is known as ‘peak shaving,’ and it has proved very successful for many of our customers!

See what you can do with a solar battery.

Keep the lights on, even during an outage.

Power outages happen. And mandatory blackouts are becoming more common. A battery storage system allows you to power essential appliances—such as lights or a refrigerator—for an extended time during an outage.


Control your home from your phone.

Battery storage systems allow you to connect to and monitor your home’s energy use from your phone. It’s easy, convenient, and keeps you more informed than ever before.


Gain energy independence.

Electricity costs are rising. Utilities charge extra when you need energy the most. Store the energy your panels generate and use it whenever you want with a solar battery.


Generate more savings.

Solar is the best way to save big on your electric bill. A solar battery can help you save even more. Use every ounce of power your panels generate, even at night, when you equip your home with a solar battery.


Save even more with federal tax incentives.

Solar system savings go beyond your monthly bill. If you purchase a solar system in 2021 or 2022, you will earn a federal tax incentive worth 26% of the cost of your system. But you must act fast. The ITC decreases to just 22% in 2023 and ends completely in 2024.

Enjoy your solar, your way with a system from Arvo.

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Take advantage of the federal tax credit
  • Have peace of mind, knowing where your energy comes from
  • Stay in touch with easy to reach sales and support staff
  • Get outstanding installation and maintenance services
  • Enjoy superior customer support

Get a home solar system today!

The expert team at Arvo Solar are ready to install a solar system for your home and family. Are you ready to save money and live free from the big utilities? Contact us today for a solar system quote!

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