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Increase your energy savings with a solar battery storage system from Arvo Solar.

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A battery storage system allows your business to reduce reliance on the grid during peak demand times.

A solar battery stores excess energy produced by solar panels. This energy can be used at times when the panels do not produce energy, such as at night or when cloudy weather exists. A battery storage system also allows you to store energy for use when grid-sourced energy is at peak demand, when utilities charge the most. By time-shifting your energy usage, you can reduce monthly energy charges considerably.

Arvo Solar will equip your business with the right size solar battery.

Solar batteries vary in size. Energy storage capacity depends on the needs of your business. Arvo Solar is an experienced solar battery installer. We will work with you to determine the storage capacity needed to enable you to power your business when and how you want.

Say goodbye to overly expensive demand charges.

Demand charges are additional rates which utilities charge commercial customers to keep a constant supply of electricity. The demand charge is an added expense on top of an already costly energy bill. The demand charge price depends on a few variables and is therefore an unpredictable cost month to month.

Going solar may not eliminate demand charges, but can considerably reduce them. When solar panels send excess electricity to the energy grid, the overall peak demand on the grid is reduced, and market prices for electricity are lower. Reducing the cost of your monthly demand charges is a great way to save big with solar.

What are the benefits of a battery storage system?

Reduce Demand Charges

Demand charges can represent up to 70% of your monthly electricity bill. A battery storage system can reduce these costly demand charges by allowing you to power your business with energy produced by your panels, not by energy from the grid.


Reliable Backup Power

What typically occurs during a power outage? A business may have to shut down until electricity is restored. A solar battery can help keep the lights on and power essential appliances and devices during an outage. 


Avoid Peak Demand Charges

Utility companies charge higher rates when energy is in demand. You can shift your energy use away from the grid with a battery storage system. 


Clean, Cost-Effective Energy

Gas-powered generators are costly and often require maintenance. A solar battery stores excess solar panel energy, so it’s free energy that you can use when needed.


We can install a solar battery with new or existing panels.

Our solar solutions are flexible and ready to meet the needs of any commercial customer. We can install a solar battery with your new solar power system and have it ready to go from day 1. Or, if you already have a solar power system and want to add a battery, just give us a call! We can install a battery storage system to work with roof-mounted panels, ground-mounted panels, and even solar parking structures.

Store solar energy. Save money. Be more productive with a solar battery from Arvo Solar!

The expert team at Arvo Solar are ready to install a solar system for your business. Ready to lower your energy costs? Contact us today for a solar system quote!

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