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Join the solar movement. Become an Arvo Solar franchisee!

Become a Franchisee!

Arvo Solar is ready to help you
dominate the solar industry in your region.

Arvo Solar recognizes that franchising is a great way to do business. We believe strongly in creating a network in which owner/operators receive the training, equipment, and resources needed to succeed, while helping homeowners and businesses achieve energy independence.

As the franchisor, Arvo Solar does all of the heavy lifting! We handle all designs, permits, utility approvals, arranging for all equipment, and INSTALLATIONS! You are responsible for everything on the front end with regards to customer acquisition. Everything from the CRM to your proposal tools are fully automated, and you will get extensive training needed to use these tools to your maximum advantage.

When you join your business with ours, we can grow together.

Opportunity awaits.

There is tremendous opportunity in the solar space. Homeowners and businesses are increasingly frustrated by ever-rising energy prices. Meanwhile, major advancements in solar technology are bringing solar installation costs down—the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are taking notice and adopting solar at a rapid pace.


As an Arvo Solar franchisee, you get everything needed for success.

Dedicated Support

You get access to a centralized team of business and solar experts who will always be there to provide strategic support.

Expert Training

 We’ll get you and your team up to speed with training and provide additional support when you need it.

Industry Access

We already have contacts at major solar manufacturers, and source panels, inverters, and all other equipment necessary.

Join the Arvo Solar movement.

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Prepare for launch.

When you become a franchisee, you get experience on your side. Our corporate team will help you prepare to launch your business with detailed guidelines that cover topics like how to set up a business entity, how to register a business, and how to establish an office.

One brand. One team

Arvo Solar as a brand stands for independence, strength, and family. When you own a franchise, you get to grow our team and spread the power of Arvo across new service areas.

Join the Arvo Solar movement.

Owning and operating an Arvo Solar franchise is a unique and exciting opportunity. We are determined to grow our brand and vision throughout the United States. Solar is growing in popularity and more attainable than ever, and we want Arvo to be at the forefront. Are you in?

Get in touch today to discuss franchising opportunities!

Arvo Solar lays the groundwork with which you can start your own solar franchise! If you are interested in this unique opportunity, we want to hear from you!

Become a Franchisee