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Arvo Solar’s solar panel cleaning services optimizes your system’s performance, prolonging the life of your panels and saving you money on your energy bill!

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Solar panels can accumulate dust, dirt, and other debris that prevent the system from generating electricity for your home or business.

Solar panels are exposed to weather, which means they can quickly become dirty. Dust, dirt, leaves, branches—even bird droppings—can coat the surface of your panels, blocking the sun and stopping your system from operating at its full potential. The result: a higher-than-expected energy bill at the end of the month.

The pros at Arvo Solar are here to help!

Our solar panel cleaning crew put safety first.

Solar panels are often installed on roofs or other above ground surfaces. This makes access difficult. In addition, solar panels are relatively fragile. Stepping or leaning on a panel can cause the outer glass to break. That’s why we use specialized cleaning tools, like extendable telescopic poles, that give us better access to the panels from the ground. Our expert cleaning crew members are also trained to walk safely on roofs. When it comes to panel cleaning, Arvo Solar puts system, roof and worker safety first. Let us handle the logistics so you can enjoy the full power of solar.

There are many great reasons to professionally clean your solar panels.


Increase Efficiency

Dirt and debris can block a panel from receiving sunlight. A clean panel can absorb all available sunlight, ensuring your system produces at peak efficiency.


Lower Your Bill

Your monthly power bill is likely to drop with clean panels operating at peak efficiency.


Identify Maintenance Issues

As we clean your panels, we will look out for any system issues that may require extra attention, including electrical and wiring problems.

Residential solar panel cleaning

We provide solar panel cleaning services for residential rooftop systems and residential solar patios.


Commercial solar panel cleaning

Our team can clean commercial solar panel systems of all sizes, including roof-mounted panels, ground-mounted panels, and solar parking structures.

Arvo Solar can clean your solar panels, eliminating dirt and debris that can cause power generation to slip.

Solar is an investment, and one that can pay off big in just a short time. But a dirty solar panel can perform poorly and lead to higher energy bills. Protect your solar investment. Don’t let dirt and debris bring you down. Get professional solar panel cleaning services from Arvo Solar today!

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