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Get the Most Out of Your Solar Panels with a Cleaning & Inspection Subscription

Dirty or damaged solar panels don’t just affect your home’s aesthetics. They dramatically affect the solar energy your panels can absorb, costing you thousands of dollars in savings each year.

With a Cleaning & Inspection Subscription from Arvo Solar™, you can keep your solar solution working its hardest year-round while staying within your budget.

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Are Your Solar Panels Putting Your Family & Wallet at Risk?

Damage to your solar solution isn’t always easy to see. In addition to dirt and scratches from blowing branches, your panels also face danger in the form of wild animals. Squirrels and rats can eat the wires underneath the panels, and birds build nests under the panels that can catch fire.

With Arvo Solar™ Cleaning and Inspection, you never have to worry about your solar solution becoming a hazard or reducing your savings. Our team evaluates the effectiveness and safety of each panel with every cleaning.

Whether you’re facing heavy downpours, pesky birds and squirrels, wind storms, dusty air, or years of use, we have a subscription plan for you. Sign up now to have peace of mind knowing your solar solution is working as hard as you are.

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With a Cleaning & Inspection Subscription, You Can:

  • Pick the cleaning frequency that fits your solar solution’s needs while being budget conscience 
  • Get regular safety inspections and cleanings without having to remember to call
  • Pay for less than half of a standard cleaning 
  • Save more the more you clean
  • Avoid damage to panels from vermin and animals
  • Increase output by up to 21% in residential areas and 60% in commercial installations

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Choose Your Subscription Option

1 Times Per Year

2 Times Per Year

4 Times Per Year

Single Cleaning

3 Steps to a Clean, High-Functioning Solar Solution

1. Sign Up for a Cleaning & Inspection Subscription

Choose a subscription plan that fits your home’s needs, your budget, and your schedule.

2. Sit Back & Let Us Handle the Rest

Our team will contact you when it’s time for your next inspection and cleaning.

3. Protect Your Family, Your Home, & Your Wallet

You can feel confident knowing your solar panels are performing their best, all year long.

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Sign Up for Cleaning & Inspection Services Now

Your solar solution is only as good as its upkeep. Don’t put your home or savings at risk! Fill out the form on this page or give us a call at 833-278-6872, and we’ll set up your cleaning and inspection subscription services.